Friday, January 4, 2008

New Year - New Chapter

Well, we have finally figured out how to at least get into our blog, so maybe we can keep you updated on our progress in our journey to Brazil.

All of our paperwork is in and ready to take to the consulate in Miami. We have finally gotten all 45 pieces of paper authenticated by the MS Secretary of State, TN Secretary of State and the US Secretary of State. They have also all been legalized by the Brazilian Consulate. It has taken since September to complete this process and we have been working on it consistently. Thankfully the regional office at the IMB helped us out while we were at FPO. That helped us more than I can tell you. So, all of this said to say that Paul and I should be going to Miami next week to actually file for our visa's. Please join us in praying for this process to go smoothly and everything to be in order.

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Malcolm and Dana said...

Well if getting there is half the battle, getting into your own blog page is the other half!

Love you guys,

Dana and Malcolm