Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day

Monday morning we woke up with about 4 or so inches covering everything. It was the most beautiful surprise that God could have given us that morning. It was beautiful. We had a great time playing in the snow and building my biggest snowman ever and the kids first real one. It was wonderful to see everyone out and playing in the snow: sledding, building snowmen, building igloos, and competing to make the largest snowball. It was just a great day that brought out the joy in people. Preston and Kati even got a snow day with the schools and Preston said he was glad he saved his snow day for the "good" snow!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New family picture

I added our latest family picture just so you could see how the kids are growing. I would like to say just Peyton and Pierce are growing, but it is all of them! Kati is now two inches taller than me and Preston is fast approaching my height. If you notice the blue cast on the arm of one of the little guys, that is Peyton. The Saturday before Christmas we were in Aberdeen at Paul's parent's house and Peyton fell off of a bar stool. When he started to fall he reached up to try and catch himself and grabbed a casserole dish that came down with him and broke. It cut his pinky finger severely and severed the two tendons on the back of the hand that work that finger. That night they just sewed him up but we had an appointment at Campbell Clinic on Monday morning. Tuesday morning we had outpatient surgery to reattach at least one of the two tendons. Everything went off without a hitch, but mom was a little nervous about her little guy being put to sleep. Lots of prayer got me through that two hours! He had to wear the cast for three weeks and it never seemed to bother him. We never even had to give him any pain medication. He was a real trooper. The doctor says that he will do his own physical therapy so for us not to worry. He is using it some, but not as much as he should. I guess time will tell. We go back to the doctor on February 10 so hopefully by then, he will have fully recovered and nothing else will need to be done. We thought it was going to leave a nasty scar, but even that is not too bad. We now have a fail proof way to tell them apart!

Settling in nicely

Well, we have been "home" for 7 months now and FINALLY it is feeling "normal". We have all felt like fish out of water for so long now, that to finally be into somewhat of a normal routing we are starting to settle into life here. It has been the strangest feeling to not be able to do the simplest tasks when I had no problems doing them in my pre-Brazil days. Even ordering pizza on the phone, I just don't want to do and that has only been since we have gotten back. I don't know what the problem is but I do remember having to speak in Portuguese over the phone and it was hard not being able to read the body language and motions that go along with speaking it. So, I guess that was so traumatic for me that it has carried over.

We are all different since our time in Brazil that is for sure. We view the world differently. We view people differently. We view ourselves differently. We miss it! I wish I could have a do over and go back now with two almost three year olds instead of two almost one year olds. Having two babies held me back, well held all of us back, from doing things that we would normally just do. Anyway, my prayer is that the Lord will use the change in my family for His Kingdom and that we will not waste the opportunity that was given to us.

Tenho saudades para Brasil!