Thursday, February 14, 2008

Short timers

Well, we are short timers now. We only have 11 days left in the States. It is so bitter sweet. We can't wait to get to Brazil, but we are going to miss our friends and family. Today we were able to chat for a long time with Jeff and Cam Dunson who are currently in Porto Alegre (PoA). They were able to fill us in on so many different things about life in PoA and it only got us more anxious. We have 6 months before we will reach our ultimate destination of PoA, and that seems like forever away. They are going to take some pictures of our house and email them to us so as soon as we get those, I will try to post them so you can see where we will live.

We have the packing process well under way. We will be taking 10 suitcases, 2 Rubbermaid tubs, 6 carry-on bags, 2 car seats, and 1 double stroller and most of that is already packed. We are going to finalize everything next week and by next weekend be able to kick back and relax. We have alot going on over the next 11 days since next week we have the Festival of Continents at church, but it is going to be a great time. I believe that we will feel like we are leaving on a big wave of excitement and maybe in the middle of it we can recruit members of our church family to commit to a mission trip to PoA.


Cam Dunson said...

Recruiting already, huh?
Sounds great!
We can't wait til you guys get here.

Jeff Dunson said...

Don't worry - it's all going to come together. I remember being totally stressed out about the number of footlockers and suitcases we were bringing. Brazilian airports have free baggage carts (the USA needs to get on board with that!) and somehow, we all got through no problem. You will too.

We're looking forward to having you here.