Friday, May 16, 2008

Blooms of Fall

One of the things that we have found fascinating in Brazil is the flowers and flowering trees. It is beautiful here and it seems to be this way all year 'round. Remember it is fall here and a whole new set of blooms are emerging. We don't have this kind of color in the fall where we come from. So, we wanted to share some of the beauty with you.

Preston and I (Keri) went walking yesterday with the sole purpose of taking pictures of flowers. We just walked down our street and these are the pictures we took. Some of them are breathtaking and they are even prettier in person.

The best part of our walk came as we were heading home. We stopped at a gate that had all kinds of plants and flowers and we were talking about them and taking pictures, when we noticed there was someone in that garden. She was staring at us and she scared me to death. When she realized that we were talking about her flowers, she came out to greet us. I told her that we were admiring her beautiful garden and taking pictures of the flowers and she was so thrilled. I'm not sure if it was our interest in her garden or just someone to talk to, but either way she was excited to see us. She invited us into her fence to get a closer look and took us all through the garden. She spoke only Portuguese so Preston and I didn't understand much and she knew that, but it didn't slow her down any! Once we went all through the garden and Preston took all the pictures he could, she then invited us in to see the plants on the inside. So, Preston took pictures of everything. It was nice to see the inside of a Brazilian home and see that they really are nice and warm and cozy, not hard and cold like ours. She said that when we came back we would have coffee, so I think we need to go back to visit. Well, before we left, I asked her if I could have a picture of me and her and she got even more excited. She couldn't believe that I wanted a picture of her! See the picture below...her expression says it all, doesn't it?

We think that Ms. Julietta lives by herself and I'm not sure that she gets too many visitors. So, Preston and I will go back to visit her again very soon. It was a nice visit even if we didn't understand much of what she said, it was nice to think that we may have been the bright spot in her day.

We can show the love of Christ even if we don't speak the same language!


HeathahLee said...

Oh, Keri, that is so sweet! You HAVE to go back to see her! I can't wait to see what God does with this! :)

ron fahrner said...

How special! What a feeling when God's presence smiles through you to touch another!

Kami said...

That's totally awesome! I know that you will enjoy all of the visits you have with her. Kami