Sunday, October 5, 2008

A beautiful site right outside our door!

We wanted to share with you some of our local wildlife. We have these green parrots that fly over all the time and they are loud, so you know they are coming. But we have never had any stop and visit until the day we took these pictures. These pictures were taking while we were still living in Campinas. Every morning when we would leave for school the last thing the babies wanted to do before getting in the car was look at the birds. There was always some kind of bird in the tree or on the power lines, so we would take a few minutes for them to look at the "pewpews". This was one of our last mornings in Campinas and we were running a little bit late. Well, Kati and I were just going to put the babies in the car without looking at the birds and Pierce would not have it. He was insistent that we look at the birds and I could hear a loud one, but was ignoring it. Pierce and Peyton were not ignoring it. So, I decided to step out from under the carport and let him look for just a minute and when I did what a wonderful surprise. These beautiful green parrots where there squawking at us. They stayed there long enough for us to snap these pictures and then off they flew.

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