Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Settling in nicely

Well, we have been "home" for 7 months now and FINALLY it is feeling "normal". We have all felt like fish out of water for so long now, that to finally be into somewhat of a normal routing we are starting to settle into life here. It has been the strangest feeling to not be able to do the simplest tasks when I had no problems doing them in my pre-Brazil days. Even ordering pizza on the phone, I just don't want to do and that has only been since we have gotten back. I don't know what the problem is but I do remember having to speak in Portuguese over the phone and it was hard not being able to read the body language and motions that go along with speaking it. So, I guess that was so traumatic for me that it has carried over.

We are all different since our time in Brazil that is for sure. We view the world differently. We view people differently. We view ourselves differently. We miss it! I wish I could have a do over and go back now with two almost three year olds instead of two almost one year olds. Having two babies held me back, well held all of us back, from doing things that we would normally just do. Anyway, my prayer is that the Lord will use the change in my family for His Kingdom and that we will not waste the opportunity that was given to us.

Tenho saudades para Brasil!

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