Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Evangelism!

Yeah, that's right, MORE evangelism. This has been great. Two weeks in a row I had the opportunity to go out with a volunteer group from the states, Brazilian church members, and translators from around Brazil and share Christ with Brazilian families in their homes. I will attach three pictures. The first is a family that all accepted the message of Christ. The father accepted first and then the rest of the family followed suit. The second is another family that accepted Christ. And the third is the same family along with members of Philadelphia Igreja Batista. Please join with us as we pray that the Lord will continue to speak to their hearts and move in their lives. We told of the one true God and made sure that they understood to the best of our abilities, so please pray that those seeds have fallen on fertile soil and will take deep root. The members of Philadelphia Igreja Batista will be following up with both families and trying to get Bible studies started in these homes.

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