Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Soccer (Futebol) at the park

Well, we are still enjoying our time off. Today all 6 of us went to the park and played soccer. Well, the babies were there, but they just watched us. Kati and I went Brazilian and played barefoot soccer on a sand field. The park here is the coolest. It has basketball courts, volleyball courts, soccer fields (sand and dirt), bike trail with jumps and all, skateboard park, go-cart track, and then the walking path. It is a huge park and always full of activity. We had a fun and exhausting time. By the way, it was Preston and I against Kati and Paul and we ended with a 2 - 2 tie. It is better for family relations that way! :) After soccer, we went for sorvette (ice cream) and we all tried something new. We had a great day as a family today. Praise God!

I have to tell you a little bit about the pizza in Brazil. It is different than what we have in the US, but very good. They don't use as much tomato sauce and they have lots of different toppings. Tonight for example we had normal pepperoni just like we know it and that is the first time we have had that just because we have wanted to try different kinds. So, along with our pepperoni, we had broccoli, bacon & sun-dried tomatoes. It may sound strange, but it was wonderful. We will be having that again. It is a cheap meal for the 6 of us. We can get one large and pay about $12 US dollars and that feeds all of us and even leaves enough for one of us to have it for lunch the next day. Some of the other toppings that we have tried are corn, chicken, zucchini, filet mignon, bacon, french fry, chocolate, caramel, & banana. There are many more but I can't think of all of the ones we have tried right now. I can't wait for some of you guys to come visit us and we will take you out for a special treat of Brazilian-style pizza! Come on down!

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HeathahLee said...

I'm so glad y'all got to spend the day having fun as a family. We're praying the babies (as well as the rest of you!) stay well!