Friday, April 2, 2010

Memories with Preston

This is my favorite time of year.....SPRING! Life is all around us! God's creation is in full bloom! I love the colors, smells, and temperatures of spring. We have taken full advantage of being outdoors and enjoying this time of year. We have been on a small hike in the woods, we have been walking everyday it isn't raining, and as for me (Keri) I have starting running 3 days a week and am up to 3 miles. It has been a great time for all of us to be able to get outside and run and play, but for me, my time alone running or walking has been a time of quiet reflection. Some days, it is the only time that I have complete quiet and it has been nice. I have tried to fall in love with running before and it just never worked, but right now I need quiet more than ever and I think it is helping me really like running. I can't say love it because I don't love it...yet. Last night was a waking night and my sweet little Preston decided to join me. I didn't think he would make it very far before he was saying he was ready to go back, but surprisingly he made it a mile and a half. I was pleasantly surprised and did enjoy some one on one time with him. He didn't understand why I wouldn't put my arm around him though. He is so skinny that he just doesn't understand the concept of exercise or the need for it! Wish I had his problem! He pretended the entire time that we were cars in a race. I was a Corvette and he was a Lamborghini. He was also the commentator, so he kept me laughing with his constant reporting on how well the old Corvette was keeping up. He even mentioned that she might be able to pick up some speed if her trunk wasn't so weighted down! In the end though, the old Corvette won maybe she was allowed to win, but either way, she won!

Fun memories with one of my sweethearts!