Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Birthday Boys turn 1

Peyton and Pierce turned 1 on April 25th. I am having a hard time believing that it has been a year already. This time last year they were still in the hospital weighing only 6 pounds each. Wow, how time flies when you're having fun! We did have a party for them and we had a blast and I guess they did too. No, I'm kidding, they did, but they were not sure what to think about all the people, balloons, presents and the CAKES. Yes, that is plural, cakeS. We actually got 3 different cakes. One for the guests and it was so delicious. It was 5 layers of chocolate cake, creme and some sort of pudding stuff. It was one of the best cakes I have ever eaten and everyone else said the same thing. Then we got 2 small chocolate cakes with chocolate for each birthday boy! They did not know what to do with the cake, the flaming candle or all the people singing to them. It was very funny to watch their reaction.
We let them do what they wanted to do with these little cakes. They had fun, but it took them just a minute to get the hang of it. At first they both touched the cake, then we showed them that they could put their hand in it, then we gave them a bite and that is all it took. They figured it out after that and they loved it. It is the most sugar they have had in one sitting that is for sure and they were only up until 9:00 that night.

It was so much fun watching their reactions. After we bathed them, then we opened presents and they did just like most kids, they played with the boxes. I am please to report that they have been playing with the toys, but their first choice always seems to be a box. They got some cool toys and books. It is nice to have some new toys and toys for their age instead of just baby rattles and little things like that. They had plenty of help opening presents from Preston, Kati and two friends, Maggie and Laura. Everyone seemed to really have fun. We even had some Brazilian drinks or maybe it would be called punch, but anyway our language teacher made the punch for us and it was a big hit. It was made with passion fruit and very light, but very tasty.
It was fun birthday! These guys are growing into such sweet and fun little boys. They are beginning to really bloom individually and their own personalities are starting to shine through. It has been neat to see how God has provided for these babies and how He has provided for us through these babies, but it is only going to get better. I can't wait to see what God has in store for these guys. Please join us in praying for them that they will be a vital part of what God has called our family to and they will be a light in the darkness. We have already seen the doors that can be opened just because there are two of them, so I know He has a plan for them to be used in a might way.