Saturday, April 5, 2008

Language Learning

We have officially started language learning. We thought we started two weeks ago but were informed that it was only preliminary stuff we were learning. So, we officially started the official language school this past week. We have class 2 hours a day and then 1 hour out on our route and then 2 hours of homework. The class starts with review from the day before and then we learn something new. The second hour of class is a review from the day before and a review from the hour before and then we learn something new. Then we go on our routes. Our route is just a small street that has a mechanic, tv repair shop, small market, gym, bread store, pharmacy, and a small shopping center. We have been introduced to all of the workers along this route and they are aware that we are learning Portuguese. We thought we would be a bother to people trying to work, but they are so excited about helping us. It has been really neat to see how people react to us. It will be nice when we can carry on an actual conversation instead of just asking our simple basic questions. We try to ask everyone at least two questions and then get them to ask us those same two questions. So far, it has ended up being way more than just two questions that have been asked. Some of what has been said to us we can understand but most we can't catch. I am going to take my dictionary next week and maybe I can look up words that I don't know. I have a feeling that they will be more than eager to help us with that too. We have already had two ladies tell us to bring pictures of the kids next week because they want to see who we are talking about. Our experience so far is that the Brazilian people are very kind and loving. They keep telling us that the real conversations with people will happen. We don't see it right now, but we will keep you posted on our progress.

Please keep us in your prayers because this is not easy for our old brains to take in. Kati has made it her goal to be understanding her teachers by the end of April. It is a very ambitious goal, but she seem to be headed that direction. She is listening intently and asking lots of questions. Of course, Preston is picking up on words left and right and we fully expect him to be our interpretor in just a short time.

Also keep the babies in your prayers, they continue to fight one bug or another. We can't seem to completely get rid of anything and one of them seems to always be running a fever.

Please send us any questions that you may have about our life in Brazil. We welcome them and would love to hear from you. Our email address is, so just email them to us.

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Myke Satcher said...

How awesome it is to hear that you guys are doing well. I do pray that your brains will begin to click as far as the language goes. I am sure that by talking to people of that area, it will become an easier thing to pick up on. I will continue to pray for your success in this area, as well as for your babies.

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Rivka said...

Keep up the good work.

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