Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lagoa Taqural (Our neighborhood park)

The babies enjoyed the sunshine and just strolling around the park. Kati and Preston couldn't resist pretending that Kati was being attacked by the huge snake and Preston was saving her.

We just wanted to share with you about the park here in our neighborhood. It is really a neat place. It is huge with a huge lake and walking trail all the way around it. It also has unique birds in cages that you can look at and enjoy as well as plenty of birds in the wild that if you get lucky you can catch a glimpse of those as well. We have seen all kinds of parrots and even toucans. It is really neat and like nothing we have seen in Mississippi. There is a train that runs on Saturday mornings and takes you on a tour of the park. There is a big ship that you can tour and it is supposed to be a replica of the ship that brought the first explorers to Brazil. There are also many different food and beverage vendors. You can get coconut water and drink it right out of the coconut if you want, you can get pastels, fresh juices, ice cream (corn flavored if you want) and many other things. There are also swan boats and that is way cool. So, yesterday we went to the park and wanted to just be there and walk and enjoy the beautiful day. We were going to do the swan boats but walked around the lake first and by the time we got back the boats were closed. We are going back next weekend for the babies 1st birthday, so we will get pictures posted of our family in the swan boats. Preston made me promise!

Oh I almost forgot the craziest thing of all that you can find at the park and that is the capybaras. They are just loose in the park and not hard to find at all. They are huge and it seems so strange when we run into one on our path. They are not aggressive and they will run away if you get too close, but we have been told that if you corner one that are not afraid to use their big teeth. Yesterday, we were within 15 feet of one and he just laid there and didn't seem to mind that we were there and taking pictures of him.

So there you have it. It may not be much, but it's what's in our neck of the woods. Thanks for reading.


Jeff Dunson said...

Hey y'all,

Taquaral park - wow that brings back memories from a LONG time ago - we used to go down there when Blake was one year old - man, time really flies!

Of course, we've got great parks down here as well - they just don't have giant rodents in them :)

Looking forward to your arrival,

Jeff, Cam, Blake and Parker

Preston said...

i love you mom

Girl on a Mission said...

I love the picture of the twins. How Cute!!! I love you all.
Love your anonymous daughter. (Shhh!! you don't know who I am)